At Heritage Line we see tourism as way to expand and sensitize people to different culture. But also as a way to support local communities in a virtuous cycle which will benefit every stakeholder. It is with this philosophy that Heritage Line partnered with the NGO Link for Aid in a charity event for the disadvantaged children of Myanmar but also provides medical services along the Chindwin and Ayeyarwaddy. Because the duration of the cruise can be of 12 days, a doctor is required on board in order to insure the safety of passengers and the crew. But it is also an opportunity to provide medical assistance along the different stops in the most remote parts of Myanmar. Medical attention and supplies there are very scarce because of the absence of infrastructure and means of transport available.

Only very few ships have the ability to navigate the shallow waters of the Chindwin and the absence of infrastructure make those regions isolated from most of the tourism of the country and more importantly from basic medical attention and supplies. To this day, Heritage Line is the only free healthcare provider for those population. Combining the efforts of the doctor of Anawrahta with a local doctor and nurse, the mission of the free mobile clinic is simple, general checkup and diagnostic followed by the distribution of medicine.

So far the operation has been successful with Heritage Line’s mobile clinic treating 700 patients along the rivers of Myanmar between 2016 and 2017.