Of all of our cruises, our journey on the Chindwin river is of the most exotic one. Organized as an exciting river expedition to remote and quaint regions in the northeast of Myanmar, this cruise has been carefully crafted to mix cultural openness and the best of luxury cruising. Far away from their bustling life, Anawrahta will take guests to the unspoiled parts of Myanmar, where spirituality and traditional way of life join and brings peace of mind throughout the journey. With handpicked excursion on land guests will have deeper insight in the philosophy and history of Myanmar by visiting relevant sites and through the detailed explanations of our knowledgeable guide.

Journeying through this mystical land we will come across ancient teak forests, contemplate dramatic cliffs and mountains topped by sacred pagodas and of course be soothed by the eternal flow of the river. An ideal cruise for those in search of authenticity, off the beaten tracks and close to the country’s roots, all of which, while enjoying the best features of modern cruising.

Find out more about this refined waterway voyage here: http://heritage-line.com/tour/exotic-chindwin-12-days-11-nights/