Heritage Line is a consummate collector of classic river vessels. We design our ships to emulate the glories of a by-gone era in the areas we sail. Each is unique in it’s décor and setting. Each detail is painstakingly crafted to remake history. Authenticity, tradition, art and exploration are the heart of our business.

Considered the father of our ship fleet on the Mekong, the Jayavarman was inspired by a French-Colonial cruise liner. It charms guests with its artful ambience, pastel coloured cabins and quaint wooden bar. It has intricate woodcarvings, Khmer bas-reliefs and Vietnamese lacquer paintings resembling a floating art gallery.

The Jahan is Heritage Line’s most romantic cruise liner. It evokes the opulent vessels of British India and no expense has been spared in the interior and exterior decorations, which showcase the talents of local woodworkers, weavers and artists in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In Ha Long Bay, Heritage Line operates three traditional, high-end boutique junks, collectively known as the “The sisters”. Named after flowers that are native to Halong Bay, these Sisters include the Violet, the Jasmine and the Ginger.

Violet with just six suites, is the youngest sister, known for her bright charm. Jasmine, with 23 cabins, is the middle sister, offering languid comfort and Ginger-the eldest, with ten cabins, combines classic beauty and timeless grace of service.

Anawrahta sails the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers in Myanmar and is built to resemble a British-Colonial paddle-steamer. The vessel features four spacious decks and 23 cabins and spacious suites, all come with private balcony. With its gleaming white rails, polished lacquer and intricately carved woodwork, the Anawrahta takes guests to an era of bygone elegance in sailing.