Floating amidst the dreamlike landscape of the untouched Lan Ha bay, Ginger boasts a stunning Indochinese-Vietnamese heritage paired with refined contemporary accents. A ship of outstanding elegance on the outside and a uniqueness expressed with a special culinary theme on the inside. After a beautiful day of exploring the amazing Lan Ha bay, it is time to refresh in the light flooded restaurant of Ginger. A 360-degree panoramic view will leave guests speechless as they enter and the best of it is that they are in for more than one surprise.

The restaurant, shaped in a circle, gives place to a 360-degree panoramic view and holds at its center the large open kitchen of the establishment. All the thrill and the action of what is usually behind the curtain in a restaurant is unfolding before the guests. Here, they can see the cooks absorbed in making the best delicacies with freshest ingredients of Lan Ha bay. Guests gather around to smell the food being cooked and see the incredible techniques of the chef. The entire process is visible, from when he expertly handles the knife to cut ingredients until finalizing the meal with an appetizing presentation.

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