Vietnam’s Halong Bay should be on everyone’s ‘once-in-a-lifetime’, ‘must-see’ or ‘bucket-list’ as a unique destination. It is truly one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on the planet.


Local people will tell you a very colorful story about the creation of the Bay. It is said that once upon a time, when ancestors fought with the Chinese, the Gods sent dragons to help the Vietnamese warriors. Trying to make a barrier, these fearsome creatures spit precious stones that turned into islands. These islands created a wall that protected the Vietnamese people from their aggressors.
The dragons liked the rocky islands and decided to leave them behind after the war. The Vietnamese named this place, where Mother Dragon landed – Halong, which means “a place where dragon descended into the sea.”

Located in the northeast of Vietnam, Halong Bay is place where people come to enjoy many things – from sailing, kayaking or swimming in waters surrounded by incredibly shaped mountains, to fishing, climbing or biking on these karst jewels. One would think that with such popularity, the Bay would be very crowded and noisy. But with 1,600 islands and islets, there really is a lot of private space.

There are also a countless number of caves and grottos of all shapes and sizes filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the caves have become tourist sites or places to hold private functions which when lit with colorful lights, resemble fairy-tale underground castles.

Traveling to Halong in any season of the year, visitors always discover its seductive, enchanting beauty. If you’re wondering where to go this summer, follow the advice of Heritage Line and make a trip to discover the wonders of Halong Bay.

Spend at least two nights on the Bay.

If you just take a day tour, you will just skim the surface of the Bay. With just one 24-hour sailing period, your range is limited and you will only glimpse a small portion of this natural wonder. But if you spend a second day and night, you will broaden your range and have more worthwhile trip.


You’ve come a long way to visit, why not take advantage of the full 3 day / 2 night experience on the Bay. We have the honor of offering you our journey “The Jewels of Halong Bay” to discover the hidden jewels-glittering and untouched –that lies deep in the Bay and on Cat Ba Island.
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