Welcome aboard Heritage Line for your Halong Bay adventure. Allow your eyes to gaze across the emerald waters of this magical place, where thousands of sculpted limestone islands rise from the water like gigantic teeth of dragons. Once on board the boat starts to cruise into the Bay and within the first hour you can enjoy this World Heritage Site.

The view from above

On a Heritage Line cruise, you will get a chance to really see a spectacular “view from above” at the summit of one of the highest accessible mountains on the Bay.


Looking down from the peak, Halong Bay looks like a panoramic photograph come to life. You will see thousands of islands of all shapes and sizes, emerging from the sea. It’s like a great fairytale tableau of land and sea. Imagine a human head islet shaped like a person looking back to the land; or dragon islet – shaped like a flying dragon descending on the water; or Ong La Vong islet – shaped like an old man fishing. The list goes on and on; just use your imagination and create your own names.

If your visit to Halong includes time on land there is a place you should not miss; Bai Tho Mountain or Poem Mountain – a famous poetic and lyrical image of Halong Bay with its own charming beauty.

With a height of about 200 meters, from the top of Poem Mountain visitors may see the surrounding city, the immense span of the bridge connecting the two halves of the city and beyond to the expanse of the Bay. It is said that, to enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay completely, the only way is to climb Poem Mountain. It is a distinctive view encompassing the fabulous beauty of the northwestern sea and sky. Moreover, the fresh and open atmosphere at the top will make you feel calm and relaxed after the trek.

Explore the Caves.

With many famous and unique caves, Halong Bay is becoming a popular destination for those who are keen to explore deeper into the geology and history of the area. Visiting Halong is like entering a museum of pristine, colorful and fanciful caves.


On the Heritage Linecruise, you will be taken by tender to the Tien Ong Cave. The Cave is quite large – about 1000 sqm – and is peppered with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, formed from ancient limestone karsts about 700,000 ago. The island which houses this cave is the newest addition to the vast collection of nearly 2000 islands in the World Heritage recognized Halong Bay. The name TienOng is yet to ring a bell with many tourists, but the cave is on its way to becoming a star in Halong itineraries.

Visit a uniquefloating fishing village in Halong Bay.


The voyage continues with the arrival at the Cua Van Fishing Village, the largest and oldest floating fishing village in Halong Bay. The village is explored via a leisurely boat ride (a maximum of four persons per bamboo boat called a sampan). You will pass through this ancient village which comprises fishing boats and floating houses – simply irresistible.


At over 200km2, Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong Bay. The island is easily accessible and is well known for its stunning natural beauty. It also offers visitors added options of relaxation, adventure and cultural exchange. In April 2005, the island was officially recognized as the Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The island is known for its rugged limestone mountains, hot and cold springs, moist tropical forests, mangrove forests, coral reefs as well as its deserted beaches, and casual island lifestyle. Cat Ba is now much sought after by both domestic and international visitors as a ready alternative to the city madness and bus tour boredom.Cat Ba Island has become popular for adventure sports such as climbing, kayaking, trekking and biking.


If you are taking advantage of an extended, two night, Heritage Line cruise the second day will begin with a cruise to Cat Ba Island.On the island you can take a leisurely bicycle ride along the water front, passing forests and a stone tunnel on the way to the Viet Hai Village. Youwill explore the village with its traditional houses and its residents or take a short walk to the surrounding jungle.

In the afternoon after the Cat Ba visit you willkayak at the Bat Cave through water tunnels and close to stunning rocks and islets.This beautiful lagoon allows jumping from the boat for a refreshing swim.

You’ve journeyed a long way to visit, why not take full advantage?Spend two nights on the Bay if you can, you will definitely be happy you did!

It goes without saying that Halong Bay is one of the principal landmarks of Vietnam. To tell you the truth, there is a story or legend around every corner of the Bay. That is why it’s time to stop reading and book your Halong Bay adventure! Please visit our website for more information: heritage-line.com.