Our 11-nights voyage aboard the luxurious Anawrahta along the remote Chindwin River in Myanmar (Mandalay – Homalin – Bagan) leads us to the village of a Naga tribe, one of Myanmar’s minorities that still have their own lovely culture and traditions. Descending from Tibetan-Burmese ethnic groups, the Naga tribes have their origin in the hill country of East India and of the Northwest of the old Burma. Today almost 100,000 Naga people live in Myanmar, almost three percent of the whole Burmese population. Since they live totally off the beaten track, it is a special occasion to get deep insights into the Naga tribe’s life, even for a local.

When Anawratha halts – our excursion starts with a traditional greeting drink at the Naga village to get introduced to the head of the Naga tribe. The Nagas – friendly and warm-hearted – welcome our guests with an opening ceremony accompanied by a grand firework.

There are about 10 different Naga groups of each 12 people performing their traditional dances. For dancing, the Naga people usually wear an elaborate longji with a white eingyi jacket and a white head scarf, tied in a knot, with a bow at the back as well as sleeves of logs around their arms, bamboo headdresses that look like an unfolded peacock tail and bracelets with funnel-shaped beads, shells or animal teeth.

While watching their fascinating performance, you get the chance to try typical Naga dishes and drinks. But that’s not all – eventually we invite our guests to dance together with the Naga people and the crew. The whole event involves at least 200 people of the Naga tribe. It is a simply unique happening of joy where two cultures as different as they could be get to know each other and celebrate together. A truly memorable day along the Exotic Chindwin voyage.

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