Ha Long Bay is by far the most well-known location in Vietnam. As one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage, this place has attracted countless visitors as a great source of inspiration worldwide. With its emerald water and thousands of monolithic limestone islets toppled by their lush forests, one can only stand in awe, for this is a truly amazing sight.

The scientific explanation for this incredible bay is over 500 000 years of climate and environmental shifts, time has been shaping the limestone in its constant and systematic way. But the name of the location holds a legendary and eventful explanation. ‘Ha long’ stands for ‘the descent of the dragons’ in Vietnamese. It is said that in ancient times, during one maritime foreign invasion of Vietnam, three dragons sent by the gods descended to the bay and a spat Jewells and Jade that transformed into the island we see today. Being all linked to each other at the time, they formed a wall right in front of the enemy and suddenly blocked their way. The ships either struck into the wall or tried turning around and crashed among each other in great panic, therefore failing their assault. After the battle, the dragons saw what a beautiful landscape they have created and decided to claim the bay as their home.

Although this may seem like a legend the bay only had its official name recently, in the late 19th century. Before this bay had several denominations, but the name of Ha long appeared on maritime maps only after reports of French captains stating that they saw mystical serpent creatures flying and swimming in the bay. Since, the name of Ha Long stuck.

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