To promote sustainable tourism, Heritage Line is pleased to announce that all of its luxury ships cruising the lower Mekong River (The Jahan and Jayavarman), Halong Bay (Jasmine and Violet) and Lan Ha Bay (Ginger and Ylang) have eliminated the use of plastic water bottles on board. In the short term, this initiative will lead to the reduction of tens of thousands of plastic water bottles annually across the company’s fleet of vessels operating in Vietnam and Cambodia.

All cabins are now provided with glass bottles which are replenished daily with clean drinking water by housekeeping. Water refilling stations are situated in public areas for convenient refilling.

Heritage Line has also suspended the offering of plastic bottles during excursions. Guests receive a complimentary metallic water bottle upon check-in as keepsake souvenirs, which can be refilled onboard and while onshore. Included with each bottle is a strap for easy transport.

Also keeping in tune with the reduction of single-use plastics, Heritage Line now only offers paper straws with beverages onboard.