In order to make our passenger more efficient and comfortable, we have moved to a new port facility at Tuan Chau Marina.

We believe that your passenger experience starts the moment you alight your transport from Hanoi. Our new, private reception lounge with its’ view out to the Marina and hospitality focused approach is a welcome addition for our guests.

New Lounge photos 2

New Lounge photos

The airy reception is quite large with indoor [air-conditioned] and outdoor areas that can accommodate 80 passengers prior to their cruises. Snacks and comfortable lounges are available prior to departure.

The other major feature is the adjacent new pier in front of the reception lounge. This will allow passengers to board directly onto our ships [Ginger, Jasmine and Violet] instead of via our former transfer boats. In all cases, our goal is to exceed guest expectations through every stage of the cruise experience, and this new pier will be built to meet that goal.

Pier dock new photos 3

Pier dock new photos 2

Once you are sailing out on the Bay, we have enhanced our passenger experience with an exciting offering for our guests. As you may know, Halong Bay has some of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam and Tien Ong Cave is no exception. Unlike other ships, Heritage Line has exclusive rights to this area. At over 500sqm/5,000sqft., this cave is a routine part of our Day 1 afternoon cruise program. However, we are also pleased to offer this setting for romantic dinner, a small birthday party or an anniversary group dinner. It’s a perfect place to laze around and listen to the soft sound of waves with fresh sea air re-energizing your body and soul.

Tien Ong Cave 1

Tien Ong Cave 2

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