As every year both of our Mekong ships, The Jahan and Jayavarman, undergo a full maintenance during May and June. This year Heritage Line paid extraordinary efforts. Both brother ships left the dock in pristine condition.

The Jahan’s pool was newly re-built with turquoise Mosaic tiles. The bar with its fine art camel bone décor and the bar furniture have been carefully preserved. Wifi is now available everywhere on the boat – stay connected with friends at home whilst doing some weights in our gym. All cabins, hallways and public areas have been refurbished in décor, paint, furniture to uphold the greatly appreciated British-Indian aura on board. The Jahan received as well new generators for improved air conditioning and electricity supply. Heritage Line also provided during off-season comprehensive training from a French haut-cuisine chef to the kitchen team to enhance the culinary experience.


Our Jayavarman has even received more attention whilst sitting in the docks. Basically a complete refurbishment has been carried out within only eight weeks. A new spa, new wooden floorings, new decoration, new furniture and fabrics, new wallpapers and paint on all deluxe cabins, suites plus in public areas, complete new technical piping and as well a new air condition system. Be assured Heritage Line takes the word “new” ambiguous as to ensure our French-Colonial atmosphere stays authentic. Same as with brother Jahan, the WIFI is available now all over the ship. On top – or better below (deck) – Jayavarman received a new engine for far smoother cruising experience.

Both ships are looking forward welcome our passengers from until April 2017.