Ginger, Heritage Line’s new vessel will go on its maiden voyage in June 2018 in Lan Ha Bay. The unique craft comes with only 12 spacious, light-flooded suites in three different room categories.

Each suite is individually outfitted and styled with finest materials and luxurious amenities. Sofa lounges and vast spaces create this pleasant homey feeling that guests will very much enjoy during their voyage – all in the middle of the surreal seascape of Lan Ha Bay. Long-lasting traditions and characteristic local design elements of landscapes, botany and mythological birds are displayed in the rooms reflecting Vietnamese sagas and poems.

Located on the main deck, six Junior Suites offer plenty of space on 37 sqm. A large private balcony, a sofa-lounge corner, an exquisite mosaic-tiled bathroom with walk-in shower and indulging bathtub with outer views and the ingenious design of dark-ink hand painted local sceneries are some of the jaw-dropping features of the Juniors.

Ginger’s remarkable Signature Suites incorporate a warm yellowish color concept, highlighted with brown and antique golden shades. The room emanates a very special aura during dusk or dawn, when sun light falls through the sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors. This floral design theme with delicate embroideries on silk panels may inspire guests to revel in romance and poetry. Located on the upper deck, the Signatures have the same size and outfitting as the Junior Suites offering wonderful vistas on Lan Ha Bay.

Ginger’s two Regent Suites, named Blue Phoenix and White Crane, are pompous for the most luxurious stay on board. Not only the décor, but the names too, represent traditional Vietnamese myths and symbols. Once being used as an emblem for queens, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth and is associated with nobility, grace and beauty – the ideal allegory for our luxurious Regent Suites. The Crane is a symbol for wisdom, peace and love of life, which is so perfectly reflected in our White Crane Suite offering a calm and peaceful area of 50 sqm.

The clue is the light-flooded bathroom with a conjunction to the private balcony and a Jacuzzi that offers breath-taking views over the bay. The interiors boast hand-made lacquer panels over the bed, antique furniture, gleaming gold leaf ceilings and artistic decor.

Step aboard Ginger and enjoy the immediate homey feeling that you get on board, while you explore one of nature’s wonders, Lan Ha Bay.

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