On our two Wellness Cruises along the Mekong (Vietnam, Cambodia) and the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar) Rivers we invited a Wellness & Health expert from Germany – Marion Meidlinger. For her, Yoga is both, motivation and companion in life. She rightly believes that wellness and healthy living maintains a balanced body and soul and is very much looking forward to share all her expertise and passion with our guests.

Besides complimentary daily yoga and meditation sessions, she will exclusively offer a special Thai Yoga Bodywork and Foot & Hand Reflexology in private sessions on board.

Thai Yoga Bodywork has its roots in the traditional Northern Thai massage combined with Yoga elements. Combining rhythmic massages with energetic or meditative Yoga poses, Thai Yoga Bodywork influences the well-being in physical and emotional ways. The deep relaxation positively affects the respiration, circulation and self-healing without any physical force. It is a body treatment, sensitive to age and condition of every person, helping to prevent general muscles stiffness or aches in low back, hips and shoulders and is even against rheumatoid arthritis.

Marion’s natural Foot and Hand Reflexology will promote the harmonization of body balance, mind and soul by bringing out deep relaxation and reducing bodily tension. Especially the reflex zones on the feet are very sensitive and trigger self-healing effects, stress relief as well as improve the quality of sleeping.

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