Nestled at the foot of a mountain in Kampong Chhnang (which translates to “Port of Pottery”) province in Cambodia is a tiny settlement by the name of Andong Russei. The neighboring Krang Dei Meas, or “golden mountain”, is also the livelihood to the villagers, as it provides the area’s highest quality clay used in their traditional Khmer pottery.

This ancient, time-honoured craft has been passed down for many, many generations – over 1,500 years, in fact.


Traditionally, clay pots were shaped completely by hand. It was not until quite recently that the newer generation was introduced to the throwing wheel.


And, as in much of rural Cambodia, expect some warm smiles and kindhearted “hellos” as you make your way through the charming village of Andong Russei!


Witness this fascinating process and meet the friendly faces of Kampong Chhnang on one of Heritage Line’s luxurious lower Mekong vessels (The Jahan or Jayavarman)!


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