With one more year until the maiden voyage (29 September 2020), construction on Heritage Line Anouvong in Laos’s Bokeo Province is coming along smoothly. From the very first moment steel is cut and placed, the entire building process takes approximately 17 months before Anouvong’s first journey along the upper Mekong River in Laos.

22 April 2019: The keel laying ceremony marks the formal beginning of the ship’s construction. This ritual is held to bless the vessel, captain and crew with good fortune over its lifetime. The keel is the bottom-most structural component, running along the center from bow to stern, and it keeps the ship stabilized as it moves through the water.

Anouvong Hull Construction - 04.22

Heritage Line Anouvong’s keel laying ceremony

May 2019: After the keel is laid, hull assembly (the ship’s main body) begins with setting the framework and deck beams.

Anouvong Hull Construction - Keel

Anouvong Hull Construction - Initial hull framework


June and July 2019: Construction commences on the bottom deck of the vessel (the hold), which is typically beneath the water line, as well as the main passenger deck.


August 2019: After the main deck is Heritage Line Anouvong’s topmost level, the terrace deck.



September 2019: A construction worker cuts a beam atop the roof of the terrace deck.


With the hull nearing construction, the next planned stage will involve mounting the engine and generator during the month of October.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more updates on Heritage Line Anouvong’s construction process!


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