Cambodia is a deeply Buddhist country where everything is connected and relates to that spiritual belief which is based on Karma and after-life (or next life). Monk blessings are part of that culture and all Cambodian people regularly attend those.

A ‘Monk Blessing’ is a traditional Khmer Buddhist ceremony which can be held at many different places: at temples, at home, at special events, or … on a cruise with Heritage Line on the Mekong River.

We have invited one of the eldest monk and a novice on board the ship to perform a traditional monk blessing ceremony that delivers good wishes and luck to our guest. The monks always follow a clearly defined ritual that includes chant prayers in Pali (a Buddhist language), decoration of lotus and jasmine flowers, incense and candles. The ceremony is a very spiritual and touching happening, encountering the Buddhism religion so closely which is so different from ours. This whole custom aims to drive out bad spirits and to bring success and happiness back in return.