We know that our business can only be vibrant if the communities in which we operate are vibrant too.

Our approach is to ensure that we have a positive and sustainable impact on the communities and leave good impressions.

The latest project took place on the Chindwin Cruise in September. Heritage Line organized a “mobile clinic” to support local people in remote areas. We invited doctors from Mandalay, Rayon and Bagan to join our cruise and sponsored accommodation, all medication and treatment supplies. The Anawrahta sailed 11 nights up the Chindwin River, opened four mobile clinics at local villages where people could simply pass by and receive basic health core. The project not only received a big applause from the locals, but also our cruising passengers noticed the engagement of the doctors and the Anawrahta crew with applause.

We will surely repeat this project again. For the time being, a massive thank you to all parties involved and especially to our doctors, nurses and medical team who donated their time and expertise to the success.