“Amazing, spectacular, fantastic” – that was Holger Leue’s feedback as one of our guests and photographers joining other fellow passengers on the adventure cruise on the Upper Ayeyarwady to the defiles in northern Myanmar. It was a special journey that Heritage Line completed last month with overwhelming feedback.


The second defile is one of the highlights of the upper Ayeyarwady. It is a very narrow gorge with tall cliffs on both riversides. The boat passed through in the morning where passengers could almost touch the rock façades. To make this moment even more special, the crew arranged a full breakfast setup on the sundeck with impressive views from the ship.

Katha was another stop where George Orwell wrote his first novel ‘Burmese Days’. Our guests visited colonial buildings like the George Orwell house, the British commissioner house (now a museum), the old British Club where former gentlemen mingled, smoked cigars and enjoyed their gin & tonics.


The highlight, however, was a trip on a private chartered local train. Starting from Katha driving slowly inland, passing through green jungles and local villages which are not accessible by car, brought a ‘Robinson Crusoe-esque’ feeling to our passengers. The only difference was that our passengers enjoyed special treatment: a nicely decorated carriage, coffee and tea was served, guitar songs and a cultural welcome dance awaited the discoverer at the final station of Naba.

Unfortunately, the Ayeyarwady does not allow us to cruise up that far for another six months due to low water levels. The next upper north adventure starts in July 2017 again, with four scheduled departures. Do not miss this exceptional cruise and book early to enjoy special benefits.