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Heritage Line is an extraordinary cruise line, passionate to the core about creating unforgettable waterway voyages.

Our Passion. Our Values.

Collector. Artisan. Hosts.

Heritage Line is a collector and an architect of remarkable ships. We passionately design and build vessels with inimitable décor, outfitting and painstaking attention to details to create unique ambiances and extraordinary living experiences for our guests.

We consider ourselves as artisans rather than mere providers of cruises. We bring untold stories to life with the perfect mix of comfort, adventure, culture, tradition, authenticity and extravagance. Our journeys inspire guests to return, time and time again.

Heritage Line strives to make our guests feel home. We understand immaculate service as a matter of passion and dedication. We create intimate bonds and nourishing friendships. Being a wonderful host, we remember your name and make your journey a truly memorable one.


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We can only co-exist in this world if we aim to preserve. Heritage Line is committed to responsible travel.

Community & Charity

We support local communities and businesses by partnering with them to sustain their existence with a responsible approach. We also support education – directly with our Cambodian school projects or via our charity partners.


The beauty of Asia lives through its unspoiled nature. Heritage Line does its part to protect the environment with an eco-friendly waste management system, elimination of single-use plastics on-board, and ships outfitted with state-of-the-art water treatment technology.


Centuries-old cultures, native costumes, local life, and natural landscapes all reflect the soul and identity of a country and its communities. We create travel with an eye on the conservation and protection of these priceless ethics and principles.


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It’s a personal devotion

John Tue Nguyen – Founder of Heritage Line


My favourite childhood memories are of the river life alongside the Perfume River in the imperial city of Hue. These formative years nurtured a deep connection to my homeland’s history, culture and heritage. I was resolute in my desire to share the unique cultural heritage of Southeast Asia with the rest of the world. It was this connection, and unquestionably my riverside upbringing, that compelled me to develop Heritage Line – a consummate collection of luxurious waterway faring vessels.

Emulating the splendour of river journeys from a bygone era, I built Heritage Line’s Jayavarman, our fi rst vessel, to sail on the mighty Mekong. Named after the great king of the Khmer Empire, Jayavarman’s style was defined by interweaving a love of art, cultural heritage, local life and tradition with this sacred river. The fleet was born, and today we sail with a wonderful collection of the most impeccable ships showcased in this brochure.

As I believe that every river has a story to tell, we will continue to explore the tantalizing waterways of Southeast Asia while designing impeccable vessels to journey this exotic part of the world in style. I look forward to welcoming you aboard for a truly exceptional experience.

Key Partners

We are proud to cooperate with some great partners in and outside our industry

Trails of Indochina, a leading luxury Destination Management Company in Southeast Asia,
is our signature partner for land arrangements.
We are a member of CLIA Australasia (Cruise Lines International Association) –
the world’s largest cruise industry trade association.
Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic are world leaders for exhilarating nautical adventures and experiences.
We are proud to be their close and long-standing partner.
Link for Aid is a private and dedicated non-profit organisation raising funds for education for disabled and underprivileged children in Cambodia and Myanmar.
We are fortunate in lending our support on various projects.

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Explore the world of Heritage Line with our news, updates and stories

Vietnamese Egg Coffee – Dessert in a Cup

While Vietnamese iced coffee takes the world by storm, egg coffee (cà phê trúng) is a lesser known treat with smoother, sweeter flavours – often likened to liquid tiramisu.

The Spectacular Kuang Si Falls

The majestic, cascading Kuang Si Falls along with its natural swimming pools and vibrant turquoise waters are truly a sight to behold, drawing countless visitors annually.

The Golden Touch – Gold Leaf Beating in Myanmar

Aptly nicknamed ‘The Golden Land’, Burma is known for its countless gold leaf-plated pagodas and statues. The process of hammering gold into thin sheets is known as goldbeating.

Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay – Special Domestic Market Cruises

Heritage Line is proud to announce our special Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay cruises for the Vietnamese domestic market. Experience the allure of the bay while saving 50% off our normal rates.

Calling of the Soul – The Laotian Baci Ceremony

One of the most important customs of Laotian culture is the revered Baci ceremony. The origins of this ritual stem from the ancient belief that the body has 32 guardian spirits, or kwan.

The History of Vietnamese Coffee – And How to Brew Your Own

At the turn of the 20th century, coffee was virtually non-existent in Vietnam. Nowadays, it is the world's second largest exporter while its signature ‘ca phe sua da’ is gaining in popularity.

The Krama – World’s Most Versatile Garment

The traditional Krama scarf is worn by Cambodians of all walks of life, regardless of age, gender or social status. But more than just a fashion statement, it has a multitude of daily uses.

The Ayeyarwady River’s Grand Second Defile

As Myanmar’s most prominent waterway, the mighty Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River features three narrow river gorges flanked by steep vertical cliffs, otherwise known as ‘defiles’.

Shwedagon Pagoda – Worth Its Weight in Gold (and Diamonds)

Like a shining beacon in the sky, the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the Yangon skyline. Most astonishing is the pagoda’s gem-encrusted crown, valued at $3 billion USD.

The Pak Ou Caves of Laos

Situated on the Laotian upper Mekong River’s rocky shore and opposite the mouth of the Nam Ou River are the mystical Pak Ou Caves, home to over 4,000 sacred Buddha statues.

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