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Heritage Line is an extraordinary cruise line, passionate to the core about creating unforgettable waterway voyages.

Our Passion. Our Values.

Collector. Artisan. Hosts.

Heritage Line is a collector and an architect of remarkable ships. We passionately design and build vessels with inimitable décor, outfitting and painstaking attention to details to create unique ambiances and extraordinary living experiences for our guests.

We consider ourselves as artisans rather than mere providers of cruises. We bring untold stories to life with the perfect mix of comfort, adventure, culture, tradition, authenticity and extravagance. Our journeys inspire guests to return, time and time again.

Heritage Line strives to make our guests feel home. We understand immaculate service as a matter of passion and dedication. We create intimate bonds and nourishing friendships. Being a wonderful host, we remember your name and make your journey a truly memorable one.


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We can only co-exist in this world if we aim to preserve. Heritage Line is committed to responsible travel.

Community & Charity

We support local communities and businesses by partnering with them to sustain their existence with a responsible approach. We also support education – directly with our Cambodian school projects or via our charity partners.


The beauty of Asia lives through its unspoiled nature. Heritage Line does its part to protect the environment with an eco-friendly waste management system, elimination of single-use plastics on-board, and ships outfitted with state-of-the-art water treatment technology.


Centuries-old cultures, native costumes, local life, and natural landscapes all reflect the soul and identity of a country and its communities. We create travel with an eye on the conservation and protection of these priceless ethics and principles.


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Wat Hanchey – A Hilltop Temple Overlooking the Mekong River

Situated atop a remote hillside in Kampong Cham, Cambodia is the ancient temple of Wat Hanchey. After climbing 300 steps, guests are greeted with resplendent views of the Mekong River.

Nguyen-Nguyen Situation: A Look into Vietnam’s Most Common Surname

If you have come across any individuals of Vietnamese descent, there’s a decent chance their surname is Nguyen – a designation so widespread it comprises 39% of the total population.

Lao – Children of the Sticky Rice

Hardly a Laotian meal is served sans the national staple known as khao niew. In fact, it is so ingrained in Laotian daily life that they refer to themselves as children of the sticky rice.

Songkran – Spring into the New Year

Every year, the 13th of April marks one of the most important holidays in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand -- known to outsiders as the Water Festival.

Kampong Chhnang – Cambodia’s Port of Pottery

Nestled at the foot of a mountain in Kampong Chhnang (which literally translates to ‘Port of Pottery’) province in Cambodia is a small settlement by the name of Andong Russei.

New Beginnings at the Mekong Elephant Park

“Mae Ping is very touching, dynamic… and at times our most unruly elephant – who will only listen if we have a banana,” laughs elephant conservationist, Wendy Leggat.

Vietnam – A Land of Dragons

As the region’s most revered mythological creature, it’s no surprise that many of Vietnam’s most iconic sights such as Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta are named after dragons.

Ti Top Island – A Gem of Halong Bay

Ti Top Island is one of Halong Bay’s most stunning landmarks featuring a white sandy beach, hilltop summit with panoramic views and a fascinating history behind its name.

Pop Rice – A Mekong Delta Treat

One of the Mekong Delta’s specialities is a crispy puffed rice snack which comes in a variety of flavours. Not only is it tasty, but the manufacturing process is also quite a thrill.

Heritage Line’s Top 6 Movies Set in Laos

In anticipation of Heritage Line's newest cruise along the Mekong River in Laos, we've compiled a collection of must-see films set in the mesmerizing Southeast Asian country of Laos.

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