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Let us define our understanding of luxury cruising

Signature Experience
Authentic Travel
Following our credo of artisan travel design, our goal is to create authentic and unique cruise experiences on- and off-shore that include cultural and traditional insights, interesting historical and present-day information, charming local encounters, and adventure. Our bespoke itineraries visit the lesser-travelled areas and add the element of surprise to make you feel like a pioneer setting foot in a seemingly uncharted land. Of course, we do not miss out on the famous sights and must-visit spots.
Signature Experience
Living in Style
One of the paramount experiences Heritage Line offers to discerning travelers is the extraordinary living experience one gets when stepping aboard. Meticulous attention to design and details, extra-large rooms and suites, luxurious amenities, artefacts and decoration, high-class facilities and more that go beyond luxury cruise industry standards. The passion we put in to designing each of our vessels to create a world of comfort and extravagance ensures that guests take home long-lasting memories of their stay.
Signature Experience
A Culinary Journey
We know that the quality of a cruise is also measured by the culinary experiences made. Aboard our ships, we guarantee a gastronomic journey of your culinary senses. Every country or region has its distinctive flavours and dishes – be it the tasty seafood specialties of Halong Bay or the delectable Khmer curries in Cambodia. Our cuisine incorporates local delicacies in our daily menus along with international favourites and fusion recipes, passionately prepared by our expert chefs who use the freshest and highest quality ingredients.
Signature Experience
Embarking on a river cruise is a slow and relaxed journey, and this gentle and steady movement sets passengers in a state of therapeutic bliss. Nevertheless, our ships all have state-of-the-art spa facilities (particularly our wellness-themed Ylang) in which guests can enjoy a vast amount of special spa and massage treatments. We also offer active forms of well-being with meditation or Tai Chi classes, Yoga, leisure cycling or hiking, and some of our luxury ships have also a fitness, steam or sauna room.
Signature Experience
Service & Hospitality
From the moment you set foot on board, you are greeted by name and recognized like an old friend returning home. The intimate bonds with our staff last throughout your journey as they treat you with warm hospitality and passion to make you feel happy and satisfied. As Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived to the service of others is worth living”.


There are many ways to make your journey a special one

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Tailor or theme your trip with special activities on and off-shore before, during or after the cruise – just for you to enhance your overall experience. Be it a private excursion, an exclusive dining, or a culinary-themed or wellness-focused stay aboard.


Whether for VIP, family, small or large groups – our collection of small ships is ideal for private charters. This is when we can cater at best to your individual requirements and wishes, for example working on an exclusive route or dedicated onboard activities.

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Be it a festive honeymoon, a company incentive or corporate manager meeting – to hold a special event or occasion on a luxury ship extraordinarily enhances the experience and adds a very particular atmosphere to it.


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