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Explore Heritage Line’s history and a timeline of significant milestones dating back to our founding in 2009.

March 2024
Heritage Line joins the prestigious, luxury travel consortium “Virtouso” offering the brand new ways and channels to market its luxury cruise port folio.
Februray 2024
Heritage Line upgrades his lower Mekong cruises by introducing a completely overhauled itinerary adding new ports of calls and changing experiences and sight-seeing at existing ports. In addition, new optional group shore excursions and tours are available now, offering either food-themed or cycling tours. These updates make a Heritage Line cruise one of the most compelling cruise itineraries available on the lower Mekong River.
January 2024
Heritage Line re-joins the luxury consortium “Serandipians by TravellerMade” (network community of luxury travel designers) with its two ships ‘Jayavarman (lower Mekong, Vietnam & Cambodia) and Ylang (Lan Ha Bay, Northern Vietnam).
December 2023
After almost three years of post-covid hibernation and a year of refurbishment and re-designing interiors, Heritage Line Jayavarman returns with a new concept and nice culinary onboard theme. The restaurant has been completely remodeled and received an open kitchen kitchen facility allowing an enhanced culinary experience during dining.
August 2023
Heritage Line launches the first-ever boutique ship, Anouvong, on the upper Mekong in Laos. This ship only features 08 stateroom and 02 suites which can be regarded as the largest accommodation available on the river. The ship sails between the Thai-Lao border, Luang Prabang, and Vientiane (vice versa).
October 2022
After 2,5 years basically in hibernation, Heritage Line has re-launched its cruise operation in the last quarter of 2022 with four of our seven luxurious ships in the cruise destination Lower Mekong, Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. The pandemic had its toll though as we had to retire one of our icon vessel Heritage Line “Jasmine” (see PR release). 2023 will be a very exciting year with the launch of the new and first luxury ship on the Upper Mekong.
August 2020
Heritage Line launches a new and extraordinary website. The company will continue to develop its online presence and introduce new features such as Agent Portal and online booking engine.
March 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic hits, heavily impacting the travel industry. Though Vietnam has fared better than most countries in containing its spread, Heritage Line is no exception and has been forced to suspend cruises indefinitely (a first in its 10-year history).
August 2019
Ylang embarks on her maiden voyage in Lan Ha Bay. A positive echo reverberates throughout the travel industry, praising Ylang as the first ship with a dedicated 2-Night wellness-themed journey.
April 2019
Building of the new upper Mekong vessel Anouvong starts with a keel laying ceremony on the riverbanks of a small village in Bokeo Province, Northern Laos. An exciting adventure starts…
January 2019
Heritage Line celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Crew and passengers from two of its original vessels, Jayavarman and The Jahan, commemorate the event with a ceremony in Phnom Penh.
December 2018
The cruise company continues to grow and announces a new cruise destination in Laos. The luxury boutique ship named Anouvong will be the first of its kind to traverse the upper Mekong. Heritage Line complete its cruise portfolio in Southeast Asia’s Indochina region.
November 2018
Heritage Line announces its second luxury ship in Lan Ha Bay. Ylang will be the most extravagant cruise vessel available in the region – And her unique wellness theme will be region’s first, offering a truly unique itinerary and onboard activities.
June 2018
Brand new Ginger begins sailing new itinerary in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam.
March 2018
Heritage Line announces a revolutionary new ship with a culinary theme aboard. Ginger is set to sail Lan Ha Bay, a new cruise destination neighboring Halong Bay in Vietnam.
February 2017
Ginger (the original) embarks on its final cruise in Halong Bay, though her renowned name is reserved for a new vessel to come.
October 2016
Growing at an exponential rate, the Heritage Line team and head office relocates from the Saigon’s District 7 in the outskirts to a larger building near the airport and in the heart of the city.
March 2016
Maiden voyage of Anawrahta along the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar. The extravagant ship sets the benchmark for luxurious cruising in this destination for many years to come.
April 2014
Heritage Line announces its expansion to a new cruising destination along Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers aboard a brand new, state-of-the-art luxury vessel.
Heritage Line takes over and merges with the company, Cruise Halong, adding Violet, Jasmine and Ginger to its existing luxury ship collection. Cruise Halong was co-owned by Heritage Line’s CEO and founder John Nguyen.
October 2011
The Jahan joins Jayavarman on the Mekong River for its first voyage from Saigon to Phnom Penh. Until today, no ship emanates such a spectacular aura, with spectators waving as it sails past the promenade and skyline of Phnom Penh.
November 2009
Heritage Line’s first river vessel (and first luxury vessel plying the Mekong River), Jayavarman, begins journeying the lower Mekong River between Saigon and Siem Reap.
August 2008
Heritage Line is founded by Mr John Tue Nguyen. A small team commences operation in a tiny office in Saigon.