Cruising the Chindwin River

An expedition cruise along the Chindwin River is a journey into the most remote and outlandish regions of Myanmar,
culminating in the arrival at the exotic Nagaland.


Cruise Highlights

See out-of-the-way Myanmar in a very handcrafted and extraordinary river journey

The unspoiled and untamed Chindwin River beholds a myriad of hidden treasures. Our expedition cruise savours an off-the-beaten-path river journey aboard the ultra-luxe Anawrahta.

Departing from Mandalay, the cruise enters the Chindwin and meanders its way upstream along stunning natural backdrops, ancient pagodas and local life brimming with bottomless charm. The journey culminates in Homalin, where the fascinating Naga tribe, vested in traditional tribal clothing, welcomes our guests with an exclusive ceremony unseen in other parts of the country.

Please note this itinerary is not available until August 2023. Please see our Departure Schedule.

Inclusion Highlights

Full Inclusions

Memorable Sailing along the Chindwin River

An expedition to the Nagaland

Available Chindwin Cruise Itinerary

Amazing adventures and life-enriching encounters

11 Nights [Mandalay - Homalin - Began]

11 Nights | Mandalay - Homalin - Began

Daily Adventures

Detailed Itinerary & Enquiry

On the way to the mouth of the Chindwin, we pass the scenic hills of Sagaing

The ancient temples of A Myint date back 1,000 years

Wander through Thanboddhay Pagoda and get lost in its 500,000 images of Buddha

Marvel at the two monumental Buddha statues near Monywa

Something the Chindwin presents to its visitors – captivating, peaceful hamlets on its river banks

Once the hub of the teakwood trade, today only remnants of this industry remain

Meet the super-friendly locals during a local market rally and practice your newly learned Burmese phrases

Experience real authentic local life in this small village of 30 households

It is the peacefulness of local riverside life that makes the Chindwin a one-of-a-kind trip

To all cruise aficionados: come and enjoy the exotic Chindwin

A Chindwin expedition travels back in time…

An all-time guest favourite - observe the shores from the sun deck’s elevated pool

Homalin is the most northern point of this expedition

Meet the ancient and exotic Naga warriors and their age-old traditions

Exclusively arranged - observe and join the Naga in their customary tribal dance

A short round of golf at the former British golf club of Mawlaik

Discover the extraordinary cave temple complex of Shwe Ba Taung

The journey culminates with a visit to Bagan’s temple-filled plains



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