Cruising the Upper Ayeyarwady River

A voyage to unseen parts of northern Burma along the upper Ayeyarwady River spoiling its visitor in memorable characteristics of local life, dramatic sceneries and a glimpse into a bygone colonial era.


Cruise Highlights

A delightfully varied journey to the impressive Second Defile – and back

This itinerary includes a multitude of sights and activities that make it an unmatched cruise along Myanmar’s upper Ayeyarwady. The dramatic sceneries encompass three spectacular ‘defiles’, and passing through the second of these is truly an awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Witness quaint riverside villages along the way, feel the former colonial charm in Katha, and gaze at the impressive gorges of the 2nd defile, before returning and ending the tour with a with a magnificent sunset at the famous U-Bein Bridge in Mandalay.

Please note this itinerary is not available until October 2023. Please see our Departure Schedule.

Inclusion Highlights

Full Inclusions

Memorable Sailing along the Upper Ayeyarwady River

A spectacular roundtrip voyage to the impressive gorge of the 2nd defile and back

Available Upper Ayeyarwady Cruise Itinerary

A refined voyage with diverse experiences showcasing Myanmar’s all-embracing culture

7 Nights [Mandalay - 2nd Defile - Mandalay]

7 Nights | Mandalay - 2nd Defile - Mandalay

Daily Adventures

Detailed Itinerary & Enquiry

The large pots produced in the Nwe Nyein village are renowned nationwide

There is nothing more cinematic than watching life on the passing riverbanks

Visit Katha’s blend of local and colonial buildings and temples

Meet our expert historian, Mr. Nyo Naing, at the former governor’s residence for a history lecture

See Burma from another perspective via a train ride through hinterland jungles

Local markets and their vendors always have their own distinguishing charm

Rise early to an amazing cruise breakfast on the sun deck as we sail through the 2nd Defile

Passing through the gorge of the 2nd Defile is a once-in-lifetime river experience

The small island of Kyun Daw enchants with its Buddhist temple spikes

Hsithe is a charming riverside village where fishermen have mastered the technique of fishing alongside dolphins

Meeting local Burmese – especially the youngsters – is always a unique happening

The massive, unfinished stupa of Mingun is also home to the world’s largest uncracked bell

Meet the world’s longest and oldest teakwood bridge – an icon of Mandalay’s



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