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Thanaka – The Secret to Burmese Beauty

Thanaka is a paste with a distinctive bright color. It can be applied on the face in many ways, with shapes going from a simple smear to an elaborate drawing of a leaf or a flower.

Lifestyle & More

Ao Dai – Vietnam’s National Garment

When it comes to the sensual beauty and elegance of Vietnam, nothing better represents its feminine appeal than the country's national dress, known as the Ao Dai.


Tak Bat – Morning Alms in Luang Prabang, Laos

At the break of dawn every morning, a truly captivating phenomenon takes place all across the streets of Luang Prabang as hundreds of monks set out for almsgiving, known as Tak Bat.


Ylang Regency Suites – The Pinnacle of Luxury

Two months after setting off on her inaugural journey, Heritage Line Ylang (and her 10 extravagant suites) has made quite the splash in Lan Ha Bay’s luxury cruising industry.


Tonle Sap – The Beating Heart of Cambodia

Southeast Asia’s largest fresh body of water, the Tonle Sap Lake provides sustenance for over 1.2 million Cambodians while also undergoing a unique, annual cycle of changing water levels.

Lifestyle & More

Banh Mi – Vietnam’s Iconic Sandwich and Its Many Types

When it comes to the Vietnam’s most internationally recognized dishes, banh mi is undoubtedly a top contender, renowned for its crispy bread filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and meats.


Wat Hanchey – A Hilltop Temple Overlooking the Mekong River

Situated atop a remote hillside in Kampong Cham, Cambodia is the ancient temple of Wat Hanchey. After climbing 300 steps, guests are greeted with resplendent views of the Mekong River.


Nguyen-Nguyen Situation: A Look into Vietnam’s Most Common Surname

If you have come across any individuals of Vietnamese descent, there’s a decent chance their surname is Nguyen – a designation so widespread it comprises 39% of the total population.

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Lao – Children of the Sticky Rice

Hardly a Laotian meal is served sans the national staple known as khao niew. In fact, it is so ingrained in Laotian daily life that they refer to themselves as children of the sticky rice.

Lifestyle & More

Songkran – Spring into the New Year

Every year, the 13th of April marks one of the most important holidays in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand -- known to outsiders as the Water Festival.


Kampong Chhnang – Cambodia’s Port of Pottery

Nestled at the foot of a mountain in Kampong Chhnang (which literally translates to ‘Port of Pottery’) province in Cambodia is a small settlement by the name of Andong Russei.


New Beginnings at the Mekong Elephant Park

“Mae Ping is very touching, dynamic… and at times our most unruly elephant – who will only listen if we have a banana,” laughs elephant conservationist, Wendy Leggat.