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Songkran – Spring into the New Year

Every year, the 13th of April marks one of the most important holidays in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand -- known to outsiders as the Water Festival.


Kampong Chhnang – Cambodia’s Port of Pottery

Nestled at the foot of a mountain in Kampong Chhnang (which literally translates to ‘Port of Pottery’) province in Cambodia is a small settlement by the name of Andong Russei.


New Beginnings at the Mekong Elephant Park

“Mae Ping is very touching, dynamic… and at times our most unruly elephant – who will only listen if we have a banana,” laughs elephant conservationist, Wendy Leggat.


Vietnam – A Land of Dragons

As the region’s most revered mythological creature, it’s no surprise that many of Vietnam’s most iconic sights such as Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta are named after dragons.


Ti Top Island – A Gem of Halong Bay

Ti Top Island is one of Halong Bay’s most stunning landmarks featuring a white sandy beach, hilltop summit with panoramic views and a fascinating history behind its name.


Pop Rice – A Mekong Delta Treat

One of the Mekong Delta’s specialities is a crispy puffed rice snack which comes in a variety of flavours. Not only is it tasty, but the manufacturing process is also quite a thrill.

Lifestyle & More

Heritage Line’s Top 6 Movies Set in Laos

In anticipation of Heritage Line's newest cruise along the Mekong River in Laos, we've compiled a collection of must-see films set in the mesmerizing Southeast Asian country of Laos.

Lifestyle & More

Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) – A Time for Celebration

Known locally as Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year is undoubtedly the country’s most important holiday, spent with family while enjoying the feasts and festivities.

Lifestyle & More

The Khmer Apsara Dance – A Harmony of Past and Present

Unmatched in beauty and elegance, Cambodian Apsara dancers represent celestial spirits and are recognized for their exquisite costumes and mesmerizing hand movements.

Info & Updates

Heritage Line Halts Myanmar Cruises

After carefully monitoring the impacts of COVID-19 on international tourism, Heritage Line has decided to suspend operations of its luxury vessel Anawrahta in Myanmar.

Lifestyle & More

Vietnamese Egg Coffee – Dessert in a Cup

While Vietnamese iced coffee takes the world by storm, egg coffee (cà phê trúng) is a lesser known treat with smoother, sweeter flavours – often likened to liquid tiramisu.


The Spectacular Kuang Si Falls

The majestic, cascading Kuang Si Falls along with its natural swimming pools and vibrant turquoise waters are truly a sight to behold, drawing countless visitors annually.