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Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay – Special Domestic Market Cruises

Heritage Line is proud to announce our special Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay cruises for the Vietnamese domestic market. Experience the allure of the bay while saving 50% off our normal rates.


Calling of the Soul – The Laotian Baci Ceremony

One of the most important customs of Laotian culture is the revered Baci ceremony. The origins of this ritual stem from the ancient belief that the body has 32 guardian spirits, or kwan.

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The History of Vietnamese Coffee – And How to Brew Your Own

At the turn of the 20th century, coffee was virtually non-existent in Vietnam. Nowadays, it is the world's second largest exporter while its signature ‘ca phe sua da’ is gaining in popularity.

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The Krama – World’s Most Versatile Garment

The traditional Krama scarf is worn by Cambodians of all walks of life, regardless of age, gender or social status. But more than just a fashion statement, it has a multitude of daily uses.


The Ayeyarwady River’s Grand Second Defile

As Myanmar’s most prominent waterway, the mighty Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River features three narrow river gorges flanked by steep vertical cliffs, otherwise known as ‘defiles’.


Shwedagon Pagoda – Worth Its Weight in Gold (and Diamonds)

Like a shining beacon in the sky, the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the Yangon skyline. Most astonishing is the pagoda’s gem-encrusted crown, valued at $3 billion USD.


The Pak Ou Caves of Laos

Situated on the Laotian upper Mekong River’s rocky shore and opposite the mouth of the Nam Ou River are the mystical Pak Ou Caves, home to over 4,000 sacred Buddha statues.

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Fish Amok – A Classic Khmer Specialty

Topping Cambodia’s list of culinary offerings is fish amok, a deliciously flavourful dish and favourite among both locals as well as travellers.

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Thao Dien – Saigon’s Epicentre of Lifestyle

Perhaps Saigon’s most often overlooked neighbourhood is an enclave of chic boutique clothing shops, trendy cafés and quaint European-style villas known District 2’s as Thao Dien Ward.

Lifestyle & More

The Mid-Autumn Festival and Mooncake Madness

This time of year, many countries in East and Southeast Asia commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival. And headlining the festivities is, of course, the ever-present mooncake.


Retracing the Footsteps of George Orwell

In legendary author George Orwell’s famous novel, Burmese Days, the fictional town of Kyauktada is based on his experiences serving as an Imperial Police officer in Katha, Myanmar.


The Akha Hill Tribe – Laotian Haute Couture

The Akha are one of many ethnic groups residing in Laos. But what truly sets them apart from other highland peoples are the women’s intricate headdresses, also known as the ‘u-coe’.