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Dr. Him Sophy – Our exclusive lecturer

Read the story of Dr. Him Sophy, the lecturer aboard the Heritage Line luxury ships sailing the lower Mekong River between Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and Saigon.


The Cao Dai Religion: A Unique Syncretic Faith

Explore the origin, beliefs, and influence of Cao Dai, a unique religion born in Vietnam.


Jayavarman’s Captain Mr. Chinh or: A man needs to do what a man needs to do!

“When I was a child, I always enjoyed standing on the ship’s cockpit with my farther who was a fisherman. That is probably how all began.” Get to know the story of our esteemed captain Mr. Chinh.


Nguyen: A Look into Vietnam’s Most Common Surname

If you have come across any individuals of Vietnamese descent, there’s a decent chance their surname is Nguyen – a designation so widespread it comprises 39% of the total population.


Vietnam – A Land of Dragons

As the region’s most revered mythological creature, it’s no surprise that many of Vietnam’s most iconic sights such as Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta are named after dragons.


Jayavarman’s Smiling Ms. Ngim

“When I accepted the temporary job offer aboard Jayavarman, little did I know this opportunity was going to change the rest of my life,” bartender Ms. Ngim cheerfully recounts.


Spotlight on German-Speaking Guide, Mr. Hoa

“After starting a new life in Germany, I just couldn’t help but always think about Vietnam – my home country.” Our guide recounts his fascinating story from decades past.


A Story About Our Mr. Eang

When asked about his most memorable experience aboard Jayavarman, Mr. Eang proudly proclaims, “My happiest moment was when I won Employee of the Year in 2017.”


Mr. Tri – Heritage Line’s Mekong Delta pioneer

Since joining the Heritage Line team in 2009, Mr. Tri has met thousands of passengers and guided hundreds of cruises as leading tour guide on board The Jahan and Jayavarman.


Our Mobile Clinic – A Local Dentist’s Story

“Brave girls have super strong, healthy teeth! You’re a brave girl, aren’t you?” asks Dr. Ye Yint Kaung Myint to his teary-eyed 6-year-old patient.


An Expedition into the Unknown – the Courageous Exploreres

Introducing Captain Ernest Doudard de Lagrée, who was the first European explorer to fully traverse the mighty Mekong River up through the six countries it flows through.