Step aboard the newly refurbished Heritage Line Jayavarman, poised to whisk you away on an extraordinary adventure along the captivating Lower Mekong River. This iconic ship has undergone a remarkable transformation, seamlessly blending timeless French-Colonial and Khmer elegance with comfort and luxury to set the stage for an unforgettable journey through Southeast Asia’s most enchanting landscapes. The relaunch of Heritage Line Jayavarman isn’t merely routine maintenance; it marks a significant transformation with a new focus on a culinary voyage along the waterway of Vietnam and Cambodia..

Heritage Line Introduces Culinary-Themed Cruises on the Lower Mekong

With the renaissance of this all-time favourite cruiser, Heritage Line has incorporated an exciting culinary theme aboard the “new” Jayavarman that distinguishes the ship from other cruise ships in this cruise destination. The exquisite highlight is the completely redesigned and remodeled restaurant – now boasting an open kitchen facility. With a range of seating options, from cozy coffee tables to intimate compartment seating and communal long tables, we offer our guests a delightful variety of dining experiences. However, the star of the restaurant is the open kitchen itself, which introduces a new gastronomic dimension to the overall dining experience. Various food courses are cooked live on the spot, allowing guests to look over the shoulders of our chefs and the kitchen team before savouring the freshly prepared local and international dishes, à la carte or buffet alike. This restaurant concept will elevate our onboard dining venue and the dining experience. Dining or eating holds a central place in Southeast Asian culture, and we’re dedicated to offering our guests a peek behind the curtain. Through the open kitchen concept, passengers can now interact with our kitchen team, fostering intimate and welcoming dining atmospheres. This unique setup allows guests to inquire about dishes, ingredients, cooking techniques, and more. Beyond enjoying local and regional cuisine, our guests can gain insights into the art of cooking, creating a richer and more immersive culinary journey.

A culinary cruise on the Mekong – it is much more than just an open kitchen onboard

However, the culinary adventure aboard the Heritage Line Jayavarman on the lower Mekong doesn’t stop at the ship’s restaurant—it extends far beyond the kitchen. Every day, guests have the choice between more classic and cultural Mekong tours on the shores or engaging in captivating culinary-themed outings at no additional cost. These culinary excursions allow guests to learn about the unique local cuisine at each different port of call. Among other culinary activities on the ground, guests will visit a family-owned mango farm to master the art of making green mango salad or will be taken on a local market rally with our expert chef to discover traditional Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes such as Banh Xeo, Banh Cuon, Nomkrok, and more.

Heritage Line Jayavarman public areas and accommodations revealed in new splendor

Upon returning to the ship, you’ll find more than just a renovated restaurant. Our public areas have also undergone a refreshing transformation, featuring refined furniture and set ups. Moreover, all cabin categories have been meticulously redesigned and upgraded with new furnishings and charming artifacts. Heritage Line is thrilled to re-launch the “father ship” of its luxury ship collection this October, with a wealth of new features and exciting experiences to enhance your journey.