Heritage Line Jayavarman’s Grand Return

After 3 years, 8 months, and 6 days, the “father” of Heritage Line’s collection of luxurious small ships returns home to the Mekong River, embarking on journeys between Saigon and Siem Reap. This iconic vessel has undergone a remarkable renovation, seamlessly blending timeless French-Colonial and Khmer elegance with comfort and luxury, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey through Southeast Asia’s most enchanting landscapes. The relaunch of Heritage Line Jayavarman isn’t just routine maintenance; it signifies a significant transformation with a new focus on a culinary-themed voyage along the waterways of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The vessel’s refurbishment has been thorough, encompassing redesigned elements in public and accommodation areas, along with numerous technical upgrades to ensure compliance with the latest safety requirements. A highlight of the changes is the complete re-modelling of the restaurant facility, offering comfortable bench and chair seating complemented by an integrated open kitchen. This pioneering addition promises guests a unique onboard dining experience infused with culinary flair and lifestyle.

Heritage Line sets a tone in the Culinary Life Aboard Experience.

With the renaissance of this timeless cruiser, Heritage Line intends to elevate the dining experience for guests travelling on the renowned 7-Night cruise along the Mekong River. The introduction of the open-kitchen concept on the “new” Jayavarman distinguishes the ship from others navigating the Mekong River. The restaurant has been completely redesigned and remodeled to create a more leisurely dining atmosphere, with chefs cooking live in the open kitchen facility. Seating arrangements have been revamped to include more intimate compartment seating and communal long tables, enhancing the relaxed brasserie-like ambiance of the outlet.

In the open kitchen, the culinary team will prepare various food courses live, inviting guests to witness their skills and observe the preparation of local and international dishes using fresh ingredients. This unique setup allows guests to inquire about dishes, ingredients, cooking techniques, and more. Beyond enjoying local and regional cuisine, our guests can gain insights into the art of cooking, creating a richer and more immersive culinary journey. Passengers also can interact with the kitchen team, fostering intimate and welcoming dining atmospheres. Courses and dishes are offered in both à la carte and buffet-style formats, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all guests.

A Culinary Mekong River Cruise – it is much more than just an Open Kitchen onboard

However, the culinary adventure aboard the Heritage Line Jayavarman extends far beyond the confines of the ship’s restaurant — it reaches out to the shores and beyond. Nearly every day, guests are offered the choice to participate in either classic cultural Mekong tours along the shores or engaging food-themed outings, all at no additional cost. These culinary excursions provide guests with insight into regional cuisine, local food, and recipes at each port of call. For more details about the culinary excursions and other optional shore excursions, please refer to our detailed cruise programs or explore our latest article about new optional tours.

Heritage Line Jayavarman’s public areas and accommodations refurbed completely

Guests will find more than just a refurbished restaurant. Public areas have also undergone a refreshing transformation, featuring refined furniture and set ups. All cabins have been meticulously renovated. The Superior Staterooms now offer more space thanks to rearrangements and new furniture additions. The suites have also been upgraded with updated furniture, providing more living space. The outer staircase has been relocated, offering enhanced privacy on the suites’ outdoor balconies. Additionally, the ship now offers one more connecting pair of cabins in the Deluxe category (and one more in the Superior category). The technical areas have seen significant updates, including new aggregates, generators, an updated AC-system, and a new engine, providing a much more comfortable cruise experience overall.

Step aboard the newly renovated vessel, Heritage Line Jayavarman, and discover the ship in more detail here.