Mr. Tri – Heritage Line’s Mekong Delta pioneer

Introducing Mr. Tri Nguyen, Heritage Line’s most experienced tour guide aboard our two luxury cruisers plying the lower Mekong River, The Jahan and Jayavarman.  Mr. Tri (pronounced like the English word ‘tree’) comes from a small province in the Mekong Delta, quite close to the Cambodian border. “Life follows an easy routine and daily cycle here in the Delta,” he states, “Most of the people are farmers or fishermen. They get up very early, have steamed rice for breakfast, go to work for the whole day and in the evening go to bed early.”

After his graduation in English studies from the Hanoi Foreign Language University, Mr. Tri gathered country-wide destination expertise as a tour guide in Vietnam. He is one of the pioneers of Heritage Line, joining the company shortly after its founding in 2009. During his decade-long tenure with Heritage Line, he has met thousands of passengers and guided hundreds of cruises as leading tour guide on board. Furthermore, he has taken a major role in the development of our unique on-shore excursions.

He really enjoys working as a tour guide on the weekly departing cruises. “That may sound like a lot of routine, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Even when visiting the same villages or places for several times, it’s always a different approach. Tourism in the Mekong Delta is about life and people. They play a key role. The everyday life they live, the goods they produce, the circumstances they are in and the emotions they show are so diverse that every trip has its real distinctiveness,” Tri expressed passionately in his perfect English.

And, Mr. Tri has friends almost in every corner of the Mekong Delta. “The villagers are like my family. We exchange different topics each time we meet which I share again with our guests. That creates a true moment of uniqueness – a fond and spontaneous interaction with the local people.”

We at Heritage Line believe that Mr. Tri contributes perhaps the most essential component to our cruise experiences: authenticity. And just as importantly, Mr. Tri is also our scout in the Delta, investigating new ideas for our cruise programs. It is because of him and his team that we continually improve and evolve our on-shore excursions along the fascinating Mekong.