Travel at your own pace in the Lan Ha Bay

Since its launch in August 2019, Heritage Line has received tremendous positive feedbacks from passengers cruising with the luxury ship Ylang in the remote Lan Ha Bay, which is the less-known neighbouring extension of the famous Halong Bay. Heritage Line’s Ylang is the latest addition to the ultimate collection of luxurious and boutique vessels plying the surreal landscapes of both bays in the Gulf of Tonkin in Northern Vietnam. Among all the cruise ships the 10-suites Ylang is regarded as a benchmark in terms of space, comfort, design and well-being. Guests feel excited about the immaculate facilities and amenities on board: The huge designer suites with its lavish bathrooms, the vast private balconies, the fashionable interior design and the outstanding wellness facilities – for which this themed ship is famous for.

heritage-line-Cruising in Lan Ha Bay- Luxury Ship Ylang
heritage-line-Cruising in Lan Ha Bay-Ylang Suite

Take the unbeaten path

However, it is not only about the ship to set highest standards. Equally important are the experiences made in the destination. That is why Heritage Line has curated a very unique itinerary in order to bring cruise experiences in Lan Ha Bay to another level. Heritage Line’s Ylang is reserved to travel a dedicated 2-Night circuit only, including stops and moorings in remote areas of the less visited Lan Ha Bay. The unmatched itinerary is what completes the ship’s iconic outfitting to make this journey a lifetime experience. Whilst the first day of the cruise holds with an active island exploration by bicycle the second day is the “true star” of this journey. Day two offers guests experiences of discovery, fun, action and lifestyle that no other cruise line has to offer. In the morning the ship slowly makes its way through the outskirts of Lan Ha Bay to eventually arrive at a far-flung floating fishing village right at the Southern tip of Cat Ba Island. Guests can witness century-old, traditional living styles of the local community. You can read more about this fishing village here.

heritage-line-Cruising in Lan Ha Bay-Island Beach
heritage-line-Cruising in Lan Ha Bay-Kayaking & Beach

Unwind in Lan Ha Bay

The blow-off of the entire cruise happens then in the afternoon of the same day. After the visit of the fishing village in the morning and a relaxed multi-course lunch aboard, the luxury Ylang moors in a secluded bay with a nearby white sandy beach. Here, guests will have the whole afternoon at “their own pace”, which means literally that everyone is free to spend the time as she or he prefers to do so. Plenty of opportunities are available to call the day a day:

Guest can take a kayak to paddle from the ship to the beach or explore the surroundings and stunning seascape by themselves. They can sun bath and relax on the beach or swim in the turquoise waters. The crew is discretely available and around at all times assisting with towels, sun shades, snacks and drinks to make it a perfect sojourn on this private little paradise. Those guests who like to stay on (or return to) the ship, Ylang’s “Wellness Sanctuary“ awaits with a manifold choice of spa and massage treatments. Only the sunset over Lan Ha Bay eventually marks the end of a wonderful and relaxing day of sightseeing, adventure and bliss.

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