Press Release

Heritage Line joins two of the most prestigious global luxury travel consortiums

Heritage Line, a leading luxury cruise line in Southeast Asia, is delighted to announce that they have re-joined two esteemed travel networks: Virtuoso and Serandipians (formerly known as Traveller Made). These partnerships underscore Heritage Line’s positioning as a premier luxury cruise provider, committed to exceptional travel experiences for the high-end travel market.

“We are extremely proud of having been able to join what is probably the most prestigious Virtuoso consortium globally as well as partnering with the high-end travel conseilleur network Serendipians earliest this year. This positions Heritage Line as the only luxury cruise line in the region offering cruises in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (the latter currently suspended due to political situations). To work with these networks and partners does not only bring pleasure but also signify an ongoing commitment to elevate our cruise products and services,” said Andreas Schroetter, Director of Sales & Marketing.

With Serandipians’ network of high-end travel advisors, Heritage Line is registered with two of their small luxurious ships, Heritage Line YLANG and Heritage Line JAYAVARMAN. Heritage Line YLANG sails the World UNESCO – Halong Bay/Lan Ha Bay on a bespoke 2-night itinerary through Lan Ha Bay in Northern Vietnam. The ship features just 10 unique and luxurious suite accommodations. Heritage Line JAYAVARMAN journeys the lower Mekong River between Saigon (Vietnam) and Siem Reap (Cambodia) on one of the most compelling 7-night itineraries available in this corner of the world. Via the lux-consortium Virtuoso, the brand of Heritage Line with its full collection of seven unique ships is integrated into the world of discerning travel consulates and advisors.

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