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The Embodiment of Extravagance

Heritage Line’s Anawrahta is the embodiment of extravagance on Myanmar’s waterways and the most luxurious cruiser in our ship collection. Where delightful Burmese tradition meets British-Colonial elegance – this ultra-lavish ship be right out of one of the famous poems of Rudyard Kipling, as it marries bottomless passion with exhilarating adventure.

Anawrahta spoils its guests with spacious rooms and extraordinary suites, all with large private balcony, painstaking attention to details and design as well as resort-like facilities, such as the vast sun deck with outsized pool or the magnificent open-air bar & lounge. The ship plies the Upper and Central Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River as well as the remote Chindwin River with various length of itineraries.

No sailings are available until 08/2023. See schedule.

The Tale

Crafting A Faithful Saga

The saying goes that behind every great man there is a great woman, and so it was for King Anawratha, the father of the Burmese nation. In return for helping his royal neighbor, the King of Pegu, with what would nowadays be called a “business deal,” he was offered the hand of the Pegu king’s beautiful and headstrong daughter, Manisanda. When Manisanda learned her fate …

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The saying goes that behind every great man there is a great woman, and so it was for King Anawratha, the father of the Burmese nation. In return for helping his royal neighbor, the King of Pegu, with what would nowadays be called a “business deal,” he was offered the hand of the Pegu king’s beautiful and headstrong daughter, Manisanda. When Manisanda learned her fate, she cried her eyes out and begged her father not to throw her into the arms of a total stranger. But she soon found herself on the way to Anawratha’s court when destiny stepped in, and her eye caught that of a young soldier in her escort. It was love at first sight. But the plot thickened when she discovered that the dashing young soldier was none other than Anawratha’s adopted son, Kyansittha.
“No hanky-panky at my court,” thundered Anawratha when he discovered the liaison between the young lovers, quickly banishing Kyansittha into exile. Then destiny once again kicked in and Anawratha, who was greatly admired but also much feared by his subjects for his ruthless and authoritarian ways, was ambushed and killed by conspirators. The widowed Manisanda, horrified at the thought of having to give up her opulent, stately life, lost no time in marrying Anawrahta’s successor, King Salwu. Besotted with his beautiful wife, Salwu soon gave in to her pleas and recalled Kyansittha from exile. Now, Salwu was not the sharpest crayon in the box.
But one day the penny finally dropped, and he realized that Manisanda and Kyansittha were in much more than a platonic, mother and son relationship. So Kyansittha was once again given the boot, and for the second time had to bid farewell to the inconsolable Manisanda. But fate had a soft spot for Kyansittha, because he quickly rose to the rank of general and, proving his valor on the battlefield, vanquished Salwu and crowned himself the new king of Pagan. His first act as king was to claim the beautiful queen as his own, and, as in all the best fairy tales, Manisanda, Kyansittha, and their many children lived happily ever after. Today Anawratha and Kyansittha are reunited, side by side at the prow of this marvelous vessel in the two magnificent suites named after them.


Premier high-class facilities on Myanmar’s finest river cruise ship

Kipling's Bar & Lounge

Sir Rudyard Kipling himself might have chosen this open-air bar as his favourite social venue to pen another poem about Burma.

Hintha Hall Restaurant

Adjacent conveniently to the Kipling’s Bar, the Hintha Hall Restaurant promises a uniquely elegant dining ambiance.

Mandalay Lounge

Anawrahta’s striking Reception-Lounge has the soothing atmosphere of a colonial salon and invites anytime of the day to hang out.

Sun Deck & Pool

Anawrahta’s sun deck is home to the ship’s crown jewel, a Jacuzzi infinity-like pool which offers 360-degree views.


The large pool is one of Anawrahta’s foremost public allures.

Thazin Spa

Inspired by Mandalay’s White Hsinbyume Pagoda, the Thazin Spa has three rooms, one of which is a large couple’s room and includes a Swedish sauna.

Thazin Spa

The Thazin Spa has a separate area for relaxing reflexology and other fine pedi- and manicure treatments inclusive of river views.

Fitness Room

The ship also comes with a modest fitness room equipped with a treadmill, spinning bike, mats for floor exercises and free weights.

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Anawrahta’s accomodation blend the purity of Burma with the opulence of the former British Empire.


34 sqm/ 366 sqft

The spacious Deluxe Staterooms with private balcony and bathroom sit on the main deck and have a private bathroom, a sofa-corner, a spacious separated bathroom making them the largest entry level rooms of any luxury cruiser in Myanmar.
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Deluxe Executive

34 sqm/ 366 sqft

Same size and outfitting as the Deluxe, the Deluxe Executive rooms also have their own balcony and bathroom and are finely appointed with historical artefacts and rich Burmese fabrics.

The significant difference is the elevated location on the upper deck.
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Junior Suites

50 sqm/ 538 sqft

Inspired by the colours of Myanmar’s beautiful temples, Anawrahta’s three large Junior Suites come with richly decorated interior, have sofa-seating, a huge bathroom with walk-in shower and bathtub as well as a private balcony.

They are located on the upper deck.
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Executive Suites

58 sqm/ 624 sqft

Situated in a secluded area on the terrace deck, the elaborately decorated Executive Suites offer abundant living space to relax and include an in-room sofa-lounge area, a private terrace and a huge bathroom with walk-in shower and bathtub.

A dedicated butler looks after these luxurious suites.
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Royal Suites

86 sqm/ 926 sqft

Named after two ancient royal monarchs (Anawrahta, Kyansitta), the opulent and individually designed Royal Suites are the ultimate accommodation to indulge in pure luxury.

A separate indoor lounge, huge terrace with private Jacuzzi and a stunning bathroom guarantee a princely stay. A dedicated butler takes care of these suites.
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Enjoy your stay aboard Anawrahta to the fullest.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So sail away from the safe harbor.
Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

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Available Itineraries

Discover the treasures of the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers with our exceptional cruise itineraries.
Please note that Heritage Line is not operating Myanmar cruises until August 2023. Please see our Departure Schedule.

4, 3, or 2 Nights

Bagan – Mandalay or vice versa

This cruise explores the cultural and spiritual heart of ancient Burma along the Central Ayeyarwady and its former royal capitals and is available with various cruise lengths to experience Myanmar at will.

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7 nights

Mandalay – 2nd Defile – Mandalay

This well-balanced and multifaceted voyage on the upper Ayeyarwady to the breathtaking natural canyons of the second defile, explores enchanting local river life and the country’s colonial heritage.

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11 nights

Mandalay – Homalin – Bagan

An exciting and peaceful river expedition up-and downstream along the exotic Chindwin River visiting the remote, untouched and quaint region of the Nagaland in the northwest of Myanmar.

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